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The team at ashutec presents you with detailed articles on the latest software innovations
Discover how AI can streamline your candidate search and selection, making hiring faster and more efficient.
Jun 18, 2024

Transform Hiring with AI: Simplify Candidate Search and Selection

AI technology simplifies candidate search by automatically filtering and ranking resumes based on your specific requirements.
4 min read
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May 16, 2024

How AI can improve the productivity and quality of your employee recruitment process

Discover how AI can enhance your employee recruitment process, saving you valuable time and money.
3 min read
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Custom Mobile App
May 2, 2023

Custom Mobile App: Best Practices and Strategies in 2023

Access our comprehensive guide to learn effective strategies for developing custom mobile applications that drive engagement and business growth in 2023.
6 min read
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When to Invest in API Development for Your Software?
Apr 26, 2023

When to Invest in API Development for Your Software?

Take your software to the next level with custom API development – improve integration, scale, and user experience to stay ahead of the competition.
7 min read
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Understanding the Concept of CMS and Its Pros and Cons
Apr 11, 2023

Understanding the Concept of CMS and Its Pros and Cons

Understanding of CMS and Prismic with Next.js and React. Learn Headless CMS content from presentation, allowing for flexibility and scalability in web development.
8 min read
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App management: Upgradation and Migration services
Mar 15, 2023

Effective App Management: The Role of Upgradation and Migration Services

Upgrade and migrate apps for superb performance and user experience. Learn how effective app management can increase your business in this comprehensive blog.
4 min read
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Application and Website testing
Mar 2, 2023

7 Key Techniques for Successful Application and Website Testing

Techniques for Successful Application and Website Testing from automation to user feedback, this guide offers you comprehensive and effective testing.
6 min read
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Agile vs Scrum Vs Lean
Feb 27, 2023

Best for Software Testing & Development: Agile vs Scrum vs Lean

Which project management methodology to use for software testing and development? Our blog for Agile, Scrum, and Lean helps you choose the best one for your team.
10 min read
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UI and UX Design
Feb 21, 2023

Tips and Best Practices for Effective UI/UX Design in 2023

UI/UX design tips and practices will keep you ahead in 2023. It will satisfy your user and you will have a high conversion rate with the best user experience.
8 min read
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Android apps vs iOS apps
Feb 13, 2023

What is the difference between Android Apps and iOS Apps?

Understand the key differences between Android apps and iOS apps, including development environment, design approach, market reach, and app store guidelines.
8 min read
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