What We Do


We offer software and product development services to our clients. We architect, design and develop Web, Mobile and Desktop applications. We deliver quality, reliable and cost effective solutions using fixed cost, time and material models and open to other models as per needs of client.

Web Applications

Custom business App, Single page App and Universal App using latest javascript based framework.

Mobile Applications

Custom Mobile Apps using cross platform native technology, you pay for once and get both iOS/Android application.


Custom chatbots to operate on your app, facebook, SMS, Slack or phone/voice - all using Dialogflow.

Data Analytics

Custom Dashboards to visualize data.

Whom do we serve
IT Consultants

IT Consultant

We believe your knowledge and local presence combined with our technical skills help us to deliver cost effective solution your client wants, creating a win win situation for everyone.

Start Ups

Start Up

We understand how important your idea is to you and how you want to make it to market as soon as possible. With our technical skills and start up culture, we support your journey from MVP to market launch.

Small & Medium Enterprise

Small & Medium Enterprise

We work with your team to provide high quality, reliable and cost effective software and product development services.