How A SaaS-Based PropTech Web App May Help Your Real-Estate Business?

Growing your small real estate business is vital. Here’s how a SaaS-based PropTech web app can help you grow and scale your real estate business.

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Feb 17, 2022

PropTech is the latest buzzword today that we see everyone in the real estate or property management industry talk about. Often it is considered a revolutionary and innovative driver, PropTech has many benefits for real estate business owners. Real Estate ERP Software helps you to understand the planning of your Estates.

The harmonious amalgamation of Property and Technology helps optimize the buying, selling, renting, researching, managing, and financing of real estate properties. In simple terms, PropTech is a robust alignment between technology and the real estate industry.

SaaS is another revolutionary tech that can simplify the difficulty of property dealers, agents, and builders to manage various properties and a portfolio for their customers. It helps businesses and startups to build their own profitable business.

The Software-as-a-Service solution will streamline the process of managing different properties, generating leads, capturing customer information, effective communication tools, media upload & editing, and other processes. Let’s understand a bit more about how this SaaS model will work.

SaaS-Based PropTech Web App to Help Your Real-Estate Business

The real-estate and property inventory management industry is a chaotic one to start with. Through SaaS-based web apps, individual agents or property management firms can build their branded storefronts for customers to visit.

Since small property dealers haven’t really caught up with the increasing tide of the digital boom, they are yet to start their online journey to grow their businesses. They face certain roadblocks such as technical disabilities or money constraints.

Thus, building branded websites that help them manage their property inventory is not a feasible option. Doing so requires a team of experienced and adept developers and significant investment, both of which are in short supply for small-scale real estate agents.

But the SaaS-based portal allows agents and property management firms to build their own inventory management and property portfolio pages without needing significant upfront investment or technical expertise.

A platform to list out all your properties without needing to manage them offline that also acts as a portal for customer relationship management. The web app will cater specifically to the needs of small real estate players in the industry by streamlining various processes and offering features to build their own customized version of the storefront.

Let’s see some of the features this SaaS-Based web app will offer:

  • Drag & Drop Customization: With drag and drop functionality, non-technical users can also customize their web app to make it look professional and elegant.
  • Functionality Comparison: A property listing platform with property feature comparison features will help your customers save time crawling through different properties. They can compare property features side-by-side to select the ones they like.
  • Landing Page Creation: A landing page is a marketing tool that helps create a marketing funnel. Through promotional campaigns, interested users can land on the intended page. This will generate quality leads for you.
  • Advanced Contact Form: Through advanced contact forms, you can capture more leads from your property listing pages. It will have custom fields to collect additional information such as budget, location, and other preferences.
  • Automate Notification & Lead Distribution: Your SaaS web app will have advanced capabilities to automate certain tasks such as distributing leads across the team. The platform will make it effortless for managing leads.
  • WhatsApp Integration for effective communication: WhatsApp integration will help small businesses to leverage it for sending important messages or media files/documents within a matter of seconds. Also, interested customers can send direct messages.
  • Hide/Show Finalized Listing: Once a user finalizes the property, you can hide it from other users. If anyhow the deal doesn’t go through, you can bring it back online for others to see and take the next step.
  • Media Upload and Editing: Visual elements such as property photos and videos are common features. But in a SaaS portal, you’ll get additional features to edit your photos and tweak them to enhance contrast or apply filters to make images more clear.
  • Analytics: By seeing the analytics and insights on how your property listing performs can help you devise strategies for further marketing funnel improvisation.
  • Testimonials from Past Clients: Including testimonials from past clients are important as over 90% of users read and consider testimonials essential. A whole section dedicated to past client testimonials will help build trust among your users.

Tools You Can Use to Scale Your Real Estate/Property Management Business

Leverage Digital Marketing

The digital revolution has changed the way people do marketing. And going forward, digital marketing will govern the real estate and property inventory management business. Through digital marketing, small businesses can leverage digital marketing tools to scale their business effectively.

Tools such as search engine optimization, PPC, display ads, email marketing, content marketing, and others can be utilized to your benefit. Such tools help you scale your small real estate business scale effectively.

Engage on Social Media

Engaging on social media networks could give wonderful results if the organic reach is optimized. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others help you connect with buyers and sellers and showcase the properties too.

Moreover, you can use the built-in paid ad tools to run promotions and get some traction from social media networks as well.

Create and Post Quality Content

Content is the currency of the internet. It helps you bring in fresh traffic, which was unexplored before, capture new leads, procure new business opportunities, and scale your business effectively. Go a step further to share valuable knowledge, write helpful articles, put up evergreen content, and lots of other things to attract more users.


Let us know your thoughts about the idea of building a SaaS-based dealer-specific platform that caters to the needs of real estate agents and small firms. Businesses can tap into the benefits of PropTech and leverage the SaaS-based web app to open the doorway to their success.

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