What are the Different Products and Services Google Firebase Offers for Development?

Find out what Google Firebase is and how it can be used for application development. Here are the key features, benefits, and best practices for implementation.

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Jun 15, 2022

Firebase is one of the most popular frameworks offered by Google that enables developers and programmers to leverage it for app development. Many development companies rely on it for various development services and products offered by the framework.

As per Stackshare, 28428 developers and 2758 companies including Twitch, Instacart, and LaunchDarkly use Firebase in their tech stack. The wide variety of tools and services offered by the frameworks appeals to most developers to build real-time applications.

So, if you are planning to utilize the capabilities of Firebase for your next project, here’s a list of Firebase products and services that may help ease your app development project. So, let’s get into it without further ado.

But before we get into what different products and services are offered by Firebase, let’s quickly recap what Firebase is?

What is Google Firebase?

Google Firebase is an app development solution owned by Google and helps in developing the most powerful mobile and web apps. The technology comes adorned with many tools and solutions to run Android and iOS applications.

Different Products and Services Offered by Google Firebase for App Development

Now that we know what Firebase is and how to utilize it for app development, let’s get into what products are worth trying for your project:

1. Cloud Firestore

Cloud Firestore helps store, sync, and query app data at a global scale. It’s a NoSQL database built specifically for global-level applications. It enables you to query and structure your data the way you like it.

You can use collections and documents to build hierarchies to store related data and easily retrieve it using expressive queries. All queries come with the ability to scale with the size of the result set making your app ready to scale from day one.

2. Firebase Realtime Database

Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database that helps you store and sync data in real-time. Here’s a detailed guide on the same to advance your learning further.

3. Remote Config

Remote Config helps you control and optimize your app on the go. You can control the app’s behavior and appearance to make changes by updating the configuration from the Firebase Console.

Further, it lets you dynamically turn features on and off, personalize by audience groups, and run experiments that too without setting up any complex infrastructure.

It also allows you to implement feature flags so you can gradually roll out new and exciting features for stable performance.

4. App Check

App check is an additional layer of security to protect your APIs. It protects your data and your customers by attesting that incoming traffic is from your app and blocks traffic that doesn’t have valid credentials.

Also, App Check helps protect your app backend from abuse, like phishing, billing fraud, data poisoning, app impersonation, etc.

5. Firebase Cloud Functions

Cloud functions allow you to develop backend without servers. It helps create functions that get triggered by Firebase functions, for instance, changes in data of the Realtime Database, new user sign-ups, and conversion events.

The best thing about Cloud Functions is you can run your mobile backend code without managing servers. Moreover, they are single-purpose JavaScript functions that are executed in a secure and managed NodeJS environment.

6. Firebase Authentication

Firebase Auth offers simple, no-cost multi-platform sign-in. It aims to make it easy to build secure authentication systems and enhance the sign-in and onboarding experience.

It’s an end-to-end identity solution that supports email and password accounts, phone auth, and Google, Twitter, and other login methods.

7. Cloud Messaging

Firebase cloud messaging allows you to send notifications at no cost across platforms. It offers a reliable and battery-efficient connection between server and device to send and receive notification messages on Android, iOS, and others at no cost.

This Firebase product helps you easily target messages using pre-defined segments or create your own using demographics and behavior. You can easily customize notifications and no coding is required for sending notifications.

8. Firebase Hosting

Firebase Hosting offers fast and secure web hosting for single-page web apps, mobile landing pages, or a PWA without the hassle of setting up a server. The hosting service is SSD-backed which makes content delivery faster around the globe.

Moreover, Firebase Hosting offers free SSL certificates for custom domains. The best thing is it can be deployed with one command.

9. Cloud Storage

Firebase Cloud Storage is designed to help you store and serve user-generated content easily and quickly. The infrastructure is built with scalability in mind to grow your app from prototype to production using the same technology that powers apps like Spotify and Google Photos.

For users not always online, Firebase SDK is built for cloud storage with mobile connectivity in mind. It has the capabilities to automatically pause and resume the data upload and transfer.

10. Firebase Machine Learning

Firebase Machine Learning allows developers to add ML capabilities to mobile apps. You can use Firebase ML to train and deploy custom models or use more turn-key solutions with Cloud Vision APIs.

Firebase ML can be used to distribute models to your users over the air. It decreases the initial app installation size since models are downloaded by the device. You can also A/B test multiple models without having to republish the entire app.


So, these were the products and services offered by Google Firebase. All of these services and products are helpful in some or other ways and reduce the burden on developers while cutting costs to an extent.

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