What's New in .NET 7? New Features and Updates of Dot Net 7

Dot net 7 is reliable, has cross-platform compatibility, and stability, the platform is the best choice for business transformation. Here are the all features and updates.

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Dec 23, 2022
what is new in dot net 7

We are all anticipating the arrival of .NET 7, and as is customary, Microsoft releases the most recent version of .NET in November of each year.

Following the same schedule as the previous version, .NET 6, On November 8, 2022, Microsoft released the.net7 version at the.NET conference. The good news about the new version for this year is that it prioritizes being united, contemporary, straightforward, and quick.

Microsoft.NET development has been quite successful for many organizations. Due to its reliability, cross-platform compatibility, and stability, the platform continues to be the best choice for businesses to develop any website or application.

Let's discuss all the new .NET 7 features based on Microsoft Docs and their release notes: 

1. Native-AOT

Put simply, Ahead-Of-Time creates code on Native at compile time instead of run-time.

ReadyToRun for client-server applications and Mono AOT for mobile and WASM applications were the options presented to us.

Utilizing Native AOT has a number of advantages, including faster startup times and reduced memory usage, and platform access restrictions.

dot net 7 native -AOT

The above image compares benchmark NativeAOT against ReadyToRun, and the compile time is 73% faster. 

Native AOT is characterized by what its name implies: It generates code at compile time but in Native. According to Microsoft, performance improvement is its largest benefit, particularly in:

  • startup time.
  • use of memory.
  • Volume size.
  • Unrestricted access to platforms.

2. Built-in container

Containers are becoming increasingly widespread and are a successful method for cloud deployment for many businesses.

You may design a better, more effective experience using .NET containers.

Built-in support for containers, that allows dotnet publish to output to a container image rather than a directory. These are some important points to remember 

  • The publish command must be executed while Docker is running; 
  • The project needs to include a package reference for the Microsoft.NET.Build.Containers package.

3. Performance

Performance is a significant focus that permeates the entire stack in earlier versions of.NET, whether it be through features made specifically for performance or through non-performance-related features that are still designed and implemented with performance in mind.

Dot net 7 - Performance

The above graph shows the performance of .NET, which is 11x faster than Node.js

4. Observability 

To ActivityContext, the overload is added. If the activity context was transmitted from a remote parent, TryParse will still allow parsing and the creation of an ActivityContext object.

To check if the activity object is stopped the Activity.IsStopped() method is added.

Enumerator methods for Activity properties should be made available.

Enumerator methods for the efficient ActivityEvent and ActivityLink tags should be exposed.

Microsoft claims that the startup time improvement they have achieved with Reimplement stubs to enhance performance is up to 10-15%.


Microsoft is developing a framework with a mobile application focus called.NET MAUI.

The term ".NET MAUI" refers to the .NET Multi-Platform App User Interface (MAUI), which enables us to create both native desktop and mobile apps from the same code base.

Microsoft claims that.NET MAUI is Xamarin's progression. Forms with UI controls developed from the ground up for performance and extensibility in mobile to desktop scenarios.

Release Candidate 1 of the.NET MAUI was made available by Microsoft on April 12, 2022, while Release Candidate 2 was made available on April 26. Support for.NET MAUI for.NET 7 is available till May 2024.

The .NET MAUI framework and the .NET SDKs for Android, CarPlay, iOS, macOS, Mac Catalyst, and tvOS are all included in .NET MAUI support.

This release has many updated features that include:

  • Map control
  • Dual-screen control
  • Improved UI
  • Better responsiveness
  • Improved mobile rendering performance
  • Improvement in native library

The .NET ecosystem's users and contributors have also been working hard to update outdated SDKs and libraries to be .NET compatible and develop new applications with .NET MAUI.

Net 7 vs Net 6

The new official.NET 7 features and upgrades, still deliver a sizable number of changes and.NET 7 performance enhancements for the Users. As we discussed the .net 5 vs .net 6 earlier let’s discuss some noteworthy changes:


Some basic improvements that make the regex better in .NET 7.

Reflection Improvement:

Reflection-based member invocation now has significantly less overhead in.NET 7. 

Trimming Libraries: 

The latest updates of .NET will reduce you reliability of trim libraries.


From the date-time object, microseconds and nanoseconds values in date time will be more specific.

TAR File:

The latest version of .NET 7 will now allow creating. TAR file.

Cookie consent from GDPR: 

In.NET 6, it had to be done manually, but today you can get the cookie banner, acceptance, and other things by just copying and pasting 20 lines of code.

On-stack replacement: 

These updates allow you to change the executed code in the middle of its execution.

Long-term support (LTS) is offered for all versions with an even number, while standard-term support (STS), which covers versions with an odd number, is only offered for about 18 months. It is an STS release because .NET 7 has an odd version number.

Net 7 vs Net 6

Since.NET 8 won't be published for another year, you should only upgrade if you plan to change your code once more.


Microsoft technology has had a big impact and is the foundation of many successful global businesses. They do so because they give web app development a strong foundation and a high level of dependability. 

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