BitWiser Web App

bitWiser is a platform designed for users to pose questions on topics they're passionate about. It facilitates the creation of personalized quiz competitions, allowing users to connect with a global community of like-minded individuals. Moreover, users can challenge friends or engage with random opponents on a variety of subjects, from general knowledge and programming to networking, databases, and hardware.
Bitwiser Web App

The Challenge

    While browsing the internet, the founders realized the absence of a platform where they could seek answers to their general knowledge questions. This sparked the idea of creating bitWiser, a web application where users can post and answer questions on a range of topics, from general knowledge and science to programming and mathematics.

The Solution

    The goal was to create a robust, user-friendly trivia game platform using open-source technology. We promptly identified the necessary tech stack and engaged experts for development. Our team employed Angular, Redux, Ngrx, RxJS, and other technologies to craft the bitWiser web application. Leveraging Angular, we further enhanced its performance by developing it as a Progressive Web App with Server Side Rendering.

Features Of BitWiser Web App

  • User-friendly web and mobile platforms with high responsiveness.
  • Developed as a Progressive Web App using Angular for Server Side Rendering.
  • Utilized Elasticsearch on Google Cloud in conjunction with Firebase functions.
  • Multiplayer and individual trivia games tailored for curious minds.
  • User customization options include display picture, geolocation-based location, category preferences, and security settings.
  • Engage with a global user community.
  • Initiate custom quiz competitions centered on diverse topics.
  • Easily share content, scores, or app links across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Uniform architecture for both web and native mobile applications.

    Technology We Use For Better Experience

  • Client Side
  • Server Side
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Angular
  • Redux
  • Ngrx
  • RxJs


BitWiser Web App dashboard screen
BitWiser Web App game options screen
BitWiser Web App submit request screen
BitWiser Web App select player screen
BitWiser Web App my profile screen

“ It was a great pleasure working with Milan and his team at ashutec. Milan's excellent management along with his technical expertise allowed me to not worry about day-to-day technical challenges and delivery and freed my time to focus on other aspects building the product. “

Akshay Nihalaney

CEO, Emaxers Inc, Emaxers Inc