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LiteWallet is a mobile app designed to simplify the money management process. The wallet includes features such as online payment transfers, keeping track of monthly expenses, and creating saving goals that match your income levels. Through this wallet app, users can easily and securely transact online, manage their cards, and do many other financial activities. The app is simple to use with sleek and pixel-perfect user interface designs that attract users at the first glance.
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The Challenge

    The online payment wallet industry has grown in the past few years thanks to the digital payment revolution. However, the industry has still not reached its maximum potential. It still lacks a solution that’s purely focused on improving the user experience through impeccable UI/UX designs. Furthermore, the industry does not have many other UI-focused solutions that streamline financial activities.

The Solution

    LiteWallet is designed with a perspective of streamlining the user experience while doing online transactions through mobile devices. The app is eccentrically focused on managing the financial details of the users securely and doing all kinds of transactions with ease and total safety. The prototype of the LiteWallet app is currently built using high-fidelity tools such as Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Features Of Wallet app

  • Purely focused on improving user experience through sleek user interfaces designs.
  • Online payment transactions with all the safety and security features.
  • Managing various financial cards is made easy and simple with powerful dashboard features.
  • Keep track of all the financial transactions and monthly expenditures.
  • Analyze the financial transactions to create saving goals for every month to live your life and dreams freely.

    Technology We Use For Better Experience

  • High-fidelity
  • Low-fidelity
  • Other tools
  • Figma


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