MedCity is a residential drug rehabilitation and alcohol detox center. It offers multiple pathways of treatment to assist in living drug and alcohol-free life and help to regain a healthy and stable life. It is one of the most trusted Inpatient drug rehab and alcohol detox centers. They offer a variety of effective substance abuse recovery programs such as evidence-based treatments, holistic treatment therapies, and others for long-term recovery.

The Challenge

    The existing design of their online portal was ineffective in terms of intuitiveness and eye-catchiness. They wanted to redesign the whole platform with attractive UI/UX design that improve client experience and make it more efficient. The Avatar team had an inspiring vision for their online portal and were in search of a team that can easily understand their vision and brings it to life.

The Solution

    The MedCity team hired us to not only refresh the look and feel of their platform but enhance it to offer more value from the user experience standpoint. We initiated the redesigning of the platform in a way that supports the vision of the Avatar team. Our expert UI/UX designers utilized Figma - an interface design tool and Photoshop to create intuitive designs that improve the interaction between users and the platform.

    Technology We Use For Better Experience

  • High-fidelity
  • Low-fidelity
  • Other tools
  • Figma



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