Meetinkz Web App

Meetinkz is an online enterprise solution for offsite meetings and events for Israel and UK markets. It streamlines the process of selecting the exact place to hold successful and personalized meetings. After signing up and defining goals for meetings, the platform will invite participants to browse and elect the suitable place out of the vast catalog. Further, users can create an optimal environment from their selected target place to conduct meetings, lectures, or hold a power-point presentation. Meetinkz allows participants to hold a private conference or annual review meeting at an award-winning estaurant too.
meetinkz web app

The Challenge

    Finding a great quiet place to conduct meetings to achieve efficient results was hard. In most cases, the existing environment of usinesses negatively affected the atmosphere and characteristics of meetings. The background noises and sudden interruptions made it difficult to achieve the required goals and detach yourself from priority tasks. Moreover, the places available for meetings don't have space or seating arrangements that hinder productivity.

The Solution

    The client reached out to us with their existing project and required a few enhancements, improvements, and integrations. We initiated the project after documenting each requirement and understood them quickly. Our team of web enthusiasts utilized Angular 7, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, and other cutting technologies to meet the client’s needs and milestones. Further, we added much-needed functionalities, integrated English and Hebrew, resolved bugs, and improved performance overall for the web application’s success.2

Features Of Meetinkz Web App

  • A web app for booking a personalized specific venue for conducting meetings for Israel and UK markets.
  • Improved responsiveness of Meetinkz Web Applications.
  • Integrated Google Map API with the web app for users to book meeting rooms in their vicinity or convenient area.
  • Integration with PayPal Payment Gateway for effective online payment.
  • Virtual Tour of the meeting place before booking.
  • Vast catalog for businesses to select a suitable place for meetings, events, PowerPoint presentations, and others.
  • Language integration: English and Hebrew (Hebrew is an RTL, i.e. it reads from right to left).

    Technology We Use For Better Experience

  • Client Side
  • Server Side
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Angular 7
  • TypeScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • BootStrap
  • DevExpress



“ Nirav is a passionate and dedicated person. He's invested in the project, and you can feel his total focus on solving the problem at hand. It's my third or fourth project with Nirav now, and I also know of at least one friend I recommended work with him is also very happy. “

Amidan Roth

CTO, Meetinkz Ltd, Israel/UK

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