Skill Assessment Testing tool

Skill Assessment Testing Tool is an online platform to evaluate the skills of candidates/students and monitor their behavior through AI and remote proctoring methods. Thanks to remote proctoring, the testing platform enables candidates to take the test from anywhere, anytime as long as they have a working Internet connection. The inclusion of AI and remote proctoring will help strengthen the security and integrity of online skill assessment testing tools.1
skill assessment testing tool

The Challenge

    It’s taken that if not all but few candidates will try to cheat on their skill assessment tests. Such instances of cheating and fraud tarnish the security and integrity of online tests. As technology advances, candidates find clever ways and techniques to cheat during their online assessment tests. However, there are certain preventive measures to thwart the attempts of cheating and fraud.

The Solution

    Artificial Intelligence and technology when blended together can help safeguard the integrity of online skill assessment tests. The team at ashutec built a portal that allows test providers with ways to remotely monitor and assess the skills of candidates with all the fairness. Methods such as video/audio recording, surveillance, screen recording and tracking, IP authentication, ID validation, behavior tracking, etc. help strengthen the security and integrity of online skill assessment tests.

Features Of Skill Assessment Testing tool

  • Remote proctoring and monitoring through video and audio surveillance and recordings.
  • Tracking of irregular and suspicious eye movements for inconsistencies.
  • Short videos of such inconsistencies to analyze and decide if the candidate cheated on a test or not.
  • Screen recording along with the audio to analyze if any video or audio is playing in the background.
  • Screen tracking and mouse movement tracking to detect if the candidate left the assessment window or not.
  • Photo ID validation for legitimacy using AI capabilities of the platform.
  • IP address authentication to find approx. location of the candidate.
  • Disabling the copy-pasting option to limit candidates from finding answers online.
  • Randomizing the questionnaire to prevent cheating during the online tests when multiple people are taking the test from one place simultaneously.

    Technology We Use For Better Experience

  • Client Side
  • Server Side
  • Deployment
  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Angular Material
  • HTML
  • CSS


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