WayAs Mobile App

WayAs is a mobile application designed to facilitate both virtual and real-world driving learning experiences. It offers a comprehensive blend of simulator training, instructor-led lessons, and theoretical courses. Users can easily locate nearby simulator centers via an integrated map, schedule lessons based on their location, and review their progress through past reports and achievements.
wayas mobile app

The Challenge

    Driving education is a crucial milestone for many. While many aspire to understand driving fundamentals before physically maneuvering a vehicle, there was a notable absence of digital platforms offering integrated theoretical and virtual driving training. Recognizing this gap, our client envisioned an app that seamlessly combines simulator experiences, instructor-led sessions, and educational courses.

The Solution

    After consulting with the client, our team diligently reviewed the specified requirements, aiming to create a responsive mobile app. We employed hybrid development techniques using NativeScript and Vue for front-end design and development. Additionally, we integrated numerous Firebase functions, APIs, and other tools to manage the app's modules effectively. The application is optimally designed to operate seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms from a unified codebase.

Features Of WayAs Mobile App

  • Intuitive application optimized for virtual driving learning.
  • Offers simulator training, instructor-led lessons, and comprehensive courses.
  • The map feature displays available simulator centers, allowing users to book lessons based on their location.
  • Integration of Stripe and Klarna for secure payment processing.
  • Authentication via mobile number and email.
  • Users can review past achievements and performance reports.
  • Supports both English and Norwegian languages.
  • Simplified appointment booking for learners.
  • Google Map integration to locate nearby instructor simulators.

    Technology We Use For Better Experience

  • Client Side
  • Server Side
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • NativeScript + Vue


WayAs mobile app get started screen
WayAs mobile app sign in screen
WayAs mobile app booking screen
WayAs Mobile app profile screen
WayAs mobile app confirmed bookings screen
WayAs mobile app available appointments screen
WayAs mobile app overview screen

“ We hired developers from ashutec to extend our team, their developers had sound technical knowledge and throughout our engagement of more than a year they delivered required features as per our need and worked diligently with our technical leader. “

Patrick Carstens

CEO, Way As, Way As