WayAs Web App

The WayAs web application empowers platform administrators and instructors to seamlessly oversee backend operations and manage frontend components of the mobile app. With its intuitive dashboard and detailed reports, it streamlines mobile app management. Administrators can effortlessly handle instructor and student registrations, monitor course offerings, manage booking slots, and oversee other essential functions within the mobile application.
wayas web app

The Challenge

    After creating the WayAs mobile app, the client recognized the need for a dedicated web application to manage various platform components seamlessly. Without a backend solution, overseeing services, bookings, payments, courses, and reports would be challenging. Consequently, we were commissioned to develop an admin-centric web application for WayAs.

The Solution

    Having successfully developed the mobile application for the client, we were entrusted with creating the corresponding admin-centric web application. Utilizing Vue.Js and the Quasar framework, we crafted intuitive screens and data tables. Additionally, we incorporated Firebase functions, APIs, and other essential features, ensuring the web application streamlines the management of their mobile app.

Features Of WayAs Web App

  • Integrated email services for efficient communication and authentication.
  • User-friendly calendar to oversee and manage upcoming bookings.
  • Role-based functionalities tailored for both instructors and admins.
  • Progress analysis tools allow admins to view user achievements and reports.
  • Comprehensive dashboard equipped with data tables for crucial insights.
  • Supports both English and Norwegian languages.
  • Google Map integration to locate nearby instructor simulators.

    Technology We Use For Better Experience

  • Client Side
  • Server Side
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Vue.JS
  • Quasar Framework


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“ We hired developers from ashutec to extend our team, their developers had sound technical knowledge and throughout our engagement of more than a year they delivered required features as per our need and worked diligently with our technical leader. “

Patrick Carstens

CEO, Way As, Way As