A Beginner’s Guide to Planning, Starting, and Growing Real Estate Business Online

Being one of the most popular business ideas, planning, starting, and growing a real estate business is not easy. Let’s see how beginners can do so.

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Mar 18, 2022

It takes a lot of guts, effort, blood, and sweat to start a new business, especially when you want to plan, start and grow a real estate business. As mentioned by HubSpot, 3 out of 4 real estate businesses fail just within the first year.

However, if you know the right tools and techniques to use, nothing can stop you from creating the next billion-dollar business. For many real estate agents, it would be their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th career shift. People with guts who want to be their own boss choose such kind of profession.

However, the first thing you should know is that real estate is a real business and you must treat it that way. Thus, when building your own real estate business, you should think and act like a business owner. Here’s a guide on how, as a beginner, you should plan, start and grow your real estate business online:

A Beginner’s Guide to Planning, Starting, and Growing Real Estate Business Online

1. Use a SaaS-Based CRM/Property Management Software

A SaaS-based platform that offers capabilities to effectively list and manage all your property inventory as well as custom relationships. Such a systemized business has a very high chance of being successful.

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A platform that not only caters to the modern needs of businesses owners but also fulfills the evolving users’ needs. Through the platform, you can effortlessly manage all your property listings, communicate with your customers, generate and distribute leads, and do many more things as listed here.

Having such a platform makes the home and property buying process incredibly easy. Since most users are searching online for local businesses, having such a fantastic & customized platform will help you grow your real estate business online.

2. Prepare an Ideal Plan for Starting Your Business

Before getting on to something you’ve completely no idea about, you first must make a plan. Prepare goals and objectives to achieve those plans for your business. Yes, you can earn commission out of selling or renting properties, however, that’s not the only thing you want to start your business for.

You want to create something unique, something bigger and better than what there’s already in the market. You want to build an ideal business along with living an ideal life with no interference. Based on those aspirations, prepare your financial goals to put things aside every month to live your dream life.

3. Build a Marketing Plan to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Building a consistent marketing plan would help you get ahead of your competitors. Most business owners would kick back and relax once the referrals are coming in and bring commissions with them too. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make to build your PropTech-enabled real estate business.

Marketing is that part of your business that never sleeps. Thus, you need to think strategically to market your property listings. You need to offer something really valuable to your leads that helps them take the next step in your conversion funnel. This can only be done by adopting a unique approach.

Also, keep an eye on the latest buying, selling, and pricing trends in your industry and what are the creative ways to discuss them with your prospects.

4. Be Consistent with Your Prospecting

Prospecting and lead generation in real estate would be really a tough nut to crack. However, with a winning system in place, getting new prospects and leads isn’t that complicated either. However, the only thing you have to do is be consistent with your approach and system.

Be it mailing your prospect, calling them, or even emailing your real estate deals and offers, you have to prepare a simple schedule for consistently marketing your clients and sphere.

5. Nurturing Your Leads

Nurturing your prospects is vital to bringing them down to your marketing funnel. There needs to be a system like lead generation and distribution to keep effective communication going on with your leads. An advanced contact form, landing page, and WhatsApp integration may help you nurture your leads.

Also, keep checking in on your competitors and what they are offering to their customers. If you sign on their websites, you’ll find most of the competition doesn’t check up on their lead. And that’s where you can beat them by becoming an agent who’s always there for their customers.

6. Build Your Personal Brand

Real estate is all about generating leads and drawing in new customers is very important to sustain your business. By building a personal brand, you can expand your network. For the same, you can build your own branded website, create social media profiles, and leverage other platforms as well to create a solid web presence.

Host events that will help your personal brand and get the name out in the industry. Doing so will also help you grow your real estate business.

7. Leverage Networking and Sphere of Influence

Growing your real estate business will require you to network and leverage the sphere of influence. However, you don’t want to leverage the sphere of influence over and over again. Through networking, you can widen your scope of interaction with others outside of your sphere of influence.

The more you interact and engage with others, the more your personal brand and your real estate business will grow. It’ll make your name stick in their mind and remember you whenever they need any real estate needs.


Starting a real estate business is one of the most popular ideas to earn big commissions and expand your wealth. However, with the help of digital tools and marketing evolution, planning, starting, and growing your business is not going to be a cake on the walk.

With the right tools like a SaaS-based property listing and customer relationship management tools, individual realtors can also participate and grow big today. Businesses can easily tap into the benefits of this model to open the doorway for their digital success.

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