Angular at Google I/O 2022: What Can We Expect?

Google I/O is going to be held this year on 11th and 12th May 2022. So, what can we expect at this biggest tech fest of the year? What Angular team will surprise us with this year’s I/O? Let’s find out more about what’s coming and what developers get to learn from this event.

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May 9, 2022

Last year’s Google I/O was a blast for the Angular community as Google had announced Angular DevTools and let developers use it in the Adventure World. Angular DevTools are a Chrome extension that provides a debugging and profiling capability for Angular applications.

The Angular team talked to hundreds of developers and shared insights on their partnership with TensorFlow.JS. Even though it seems that the I/O 2021 event was just held yesterday, it’s time for another Google I/O for the year 2022.

This year’s tech fest is going to be even bigger than the last one as there will be more Angular content and opportunities to learn more about the latest advancements in the framework.

Read on about the event and what we can expect from it for Angular.

What Can We Expect at Google I/O 2022 for Angular?

The Google I/O event is going to be the biggest educational event with interactive workshops and more. Here’s what we can expect from it.

State of Angular

In the talk about the State of Angular, the official spokespersons from Google on Angular will share the impact Ivy has over the Angular ecosystem and the features it enables. Also, the team will announce the new features coming to the latest version of Angular v14.

The team has further planned to share some of the long-term projects that developers are looking forward to. The Angular team at Google is thrilled to share such a tremendous product vision and expanded focus on developer experience and productivity.

Moreover, they will announce the partnership with Chrome Aurora, Google Cloud, and Firebase teams to make it easier to develop high-performance web apps. The talks are going to be great and are strongly recommended to watch.

Keynote from Developers

The developer keynotes included in the Google I/O 2022 will present a broad overview of the entire stack of Google products for developers. Developers will get to learn more about new product integrations and improvements across web, cloud, Android, Chrome OS, Assistance, and more.

Knowledge Enhancements

The Angular team at Google will be strongly focused on helping beginners to become better Angular developers at this year’s I/O. Along with introductory content to increase knowledge, developers get to learn more about modern deployment to GCP, accessibility and building full-stack apps with Firebase.

The “What’s new for the web platform” will talk about the latest web updates and everything there is to learn about it. Also, developers can learn about standard initiatives, APIs, framework-agnostic developer tooling, and more.

In another talk on the “Modern Angular deployment with Google Cloud”, the team will share how to deploy Angular apps that have used different rendering strategies. Also, they’ll share some of the best practices to host your Angular Universal applications with the Cloud Functions 2nd Generation via the Firebase SDK.

In “Introduction to Angular” the Angular spokesperson will present content that suits developers’ learning styles. Beginners in Angular will get started with the framework on codelab and prerecorded video workshops. This talk is going to be a very engaging and educational experience for developers.

Another Angular team spokesperson will hold a workshop called “Build more accessible Angular Apps”. This session will walk you through a series of accessibility improvements. “Building a web application with Angular and Firebase” will help developers who want to learn how to build a kanban board quickly and efficiently.

This session will go deeper into explaining how to use Angular and material design to quickly develop a user interface and connect it to Firestore.

What’s More Google I/O 2022 Will Cover

People who want to learn more about how to host applications on the cloud must check out the more general session “build production-ready apps with Extensions, Functions, and GCP”. This session will cover new product announcements and tips on how to host your backend services.

TensonFlow.JS: From prototype to production, what’s new in 2022?” will help developers to understand how to make their applications smarter. Meanwhile, web developers who use Chrome DevTools will get a chance to learn about “DevTools: State of the Union 2022”.


So, this was just the snapshot of what is coming for Angular in Google I/O 2022. These were some of the top pick events that are going to be held at I/O that developers and beginners in Angular frontend framework must look forward to.

However, this year’s program looks a little different from last year’s. The first day will hold all the developer keynotes, product announcements, and learning lab content on day one, then come back on day two to learn all about technical sessions that will be available on-demand.

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