What is Google Firebase and How to Use it For Application Development?

Google Firebase has been one of the most impressive technology in recent times. Let’s find out what it is, the features offered by it, and how it works.

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May 5, 2022

Google has been offering the most innovative technologies for application development. Since having an intuitive, interactive, and scalable application has become the need of the hour, the technology giant seems to never rest in terms of innovation.

No matter the industry, your business will always need fast-paced, intuitive, and scalable apps that users will love to interact with. Technologies like Firebase have been developed and emerged as a crucial tech stack to build robust business applications.

Since most users tend to do their tasks using mobile applications, Firebase provides a versatile solution to develop high-quality apps to grow your business. But what is Google Firebase and how does it help in developing high-quality apps? Let’s find out:

What is Google Firebase?

Firebase is Google’s open-source mobile app development solution and is a Backend-as-a-Service for mobile and web to develop the most powerful applications. The technology offers various solutions to run Android and iOS applications effectively. Moreover, it provides developers with a variety of tools and services to help them develop quality apps.

Firebase is categorized as a NoSQL database program that stores data and information in JSON-like document format. This Google-based technology provides developers with tracking tools, analytics, reporting and fixing app crashes, and experiments with product development.

Firebase was launched as Envolve in 2011 and provided developers with an API to integrate the chat functionality into their websites. The primary function of it was to pass data so that developers can use it for data synchronization. In 2012, the chat functionality was removed and Envolve transformed into Firebase to provide organizations with Backend-as-a-Service.

Later in 2014, seeing its potential for app development, Google acquired the Firebase and made it into the next generation of web-based backend application development tools on the Google Cloud Platform.

What is the Purpose of FIrebase?

As we know, Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service offering that aims to provide a real-time database. It’s a cloud-hosted NoSQL database system that stores and syncs data between users in real-time.

The BaaS technology from Google provides developers with an API that allows app data to coordinate through customers and store on the cloud of the Firebase. Another purpose of the Firebase is to synchronize the devices and browsers in real-time.

Firebase BaaS database services enable developers to focus on making an impressive customer experience. Firebase is like a server where you don’t have to control the server or write any APIs, it is your API and data storage that can be modified as per your needs.

Features and Services Offered By Google Firebase

Google-Backed Firebase offers a number of services and features. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Authentication

Authentication offered by Firebase technology makes it easier for developers to build secure authentication systems. It enhances the sign-in process and onboarding experiences of users.

The authentication feature from Firebase is a complete identity solution that supports email and password accounts, phone authentication, as well as Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and many other authentication types.

2. Real-Time Database

Firebase offers a cloud-based NoSQL database that enables users to store and sync between users in real-time. It is highly capable to sync data across all clients in real-time and is still available when an app goes offline.

Users can access their data from any device such as mobile or web. Changes made in the customer’s application are synchronized with the real-time database automatically, which works in offline mode.

3. Web Hosting

Web hosting on Firebase is a simple process for app development. Currently, the services also offer features such as custom domain support free, Global CDN, and Auto-Provisioned SSL certificates.

Firebase-hosted applications are quickly deployed once the Firebase CLI is installed and set up. Further, it lets you deploy single-page applications, a progressive web app, and a mobile app landing page. Since it is backed by SSD systems, you can deliver the data fast globally.

4. Powerful Storage

The best thing about Google Firebase is it offers a robust storage solution that helps Google Cloud developers to accommodate multiple contents such as images, videos, or PDFs that are generated by users. Thanks to this, users can download or transfer files easily irrespective of network quality.

Moreover, it offers an immensely cost-effective and competitive approach to managing user-generated content.

5. Integrated Google Analytics

The Google-supported API offers access to Google Analytics even for your mobile applications. Thanks to the integration of GA into Firebase, app managers can easily monitor the user journey across numerous devices.

Google Analytics is a free-to-use solution that provides unlimited reporting for up to 500 different events. The Firebase SDK enables you to send mobile app data to BigQuery for insights about user behavior, interactions, and experience.

6. Firebase Cloud Messaging

FCM offers a dependable and battery-efficient connection between the server and the device. It enables you to send and receive messages and get notifications on iOS, Android, and the web at no extra cost. Through Firebase, you can send notifications for chat messages as well as for data messages.

You can easily target messages with predefined segments and even create your own. Further, you can send messages to a group of devices that are subscribed to specific topics or you can get as granular as a single device.


Google Firebase has been an impressive technology and a far-reaching platform for mobile-app development that streamlines various tasks and produces quality software solutions. Since the technology is backed by Google, it tends to be the most robust, scalable, and dynamic framework features of Firebase are giving fierce competition to web service provider companies.

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