Best App Development Ideas for Startups to Excel in Digital Space

Mobile apps have supercharged the digital space and startups can take a piece of the pie for themselves. Here are some best app development ideas for startups to excel in the digital space.

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Nov 29, 2021

The digital era has revolutionized the way people utilize devices in their pockets. Mobile devices have supercharged the mobile app development industry as more and more startups are venturing to conquer the app world.

As per one Statista forecast, there are slightly over 7 billion mobile devices, which is expected to reach around 7.5 billion by the year 2025. Another report by eMarketer finds the majority of mobile users spend more than 4 hours a day with mobile internet and 88% of that time goes to mobiles apps.

These staggering figures show how mobile apps have become an integral part of our routine in recent years. From surfing social networks to ordering food online, payment transactions, booking shows, or a table at a restaurant everything is just a few taps away. The question is how do startups take the piece of the pie for themselves.

Here, the team at ashutec present some innovative and smart mobile app development ideas startups can adopt to excel in this digital space.

Brilliant App Development Ideas for Startups to Excel in Digital Space

According to one report, app spending will increase by 92% to $157 billion by 2022 with an average per consumer spending of $26. This goes to show that with the right innovative idea startups can cornerstone their success. So, here are some ideas gathered by the team at ashutec for startups to excel in the digital space.

1. Real-Time On-Demand Apps

Based on the latest report, the on-demand mobile app market is expected to reach a value of $335 billion by the year 2025. Real-time on-demand apps have quickly revolutionized and reshaped the world around us.

From booking a cab to hiring a professional, handyman, or finding the best salon, on-demand applications have reached a new level. Further, there are multiple domains such as transportation and delivery services that haven’t reached their full potential. Startups can venture into such industry verticals and build their empire out of it.

2. FinTech/Crypto Trading Apps

FinTech is the unification of finance and technology to allow financial institutions such as banks to offer a variety of financial services in real-time. Recently, cryptocurrency and blockchain have redefined the FInTech industry. Developing and managing the FinTech/crypto trading application could be the next trending idea for coming 2022.

All you need is the right development/outsourcing partner that possesses the expertise to develop such FinTech/Crypto Trading platforms. Ashutec Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one such team of developers you can outsource your FinTech software development projects. Having developed a crypto trading platform for a Nasdaq-listed company, ashutec possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to help you overcome development challenges.

3. Utility-Driven Apps

There’s enough content on the internet stressed on how useful utility applications are. Utility apps are used daily, enabling you to monetize your apps regularly. However, such kinds of apps have short user session times because people use them to get the work done and move on to other things.

But being the most popular category, there’s still a lot of juice startups can squeeze. The same can be explained by the sheer amount of practicality offered by these apps. Popular utility app categories include healthcare, scanners, cab booking apps, fitness apps, media playback, emoji apps, etc.

4. ECommerce/MCommerce Apps

ECommerce/MCommerce has streamlined how people buy and sell goods and services online. ECommerce is not an old concept and many businesses have already ventured into it to reap the best benefits. However, eCommerce is now transforming into mCommerce, which is bringing all the capabilities of eCommerce on mobile devices.

While the competition is very stiff for this category of apps, offering out-of-the-world experience, easy navigation, and value out of your mCommerce apps will keep users engaged and stay loyal to your brand.

5. App Based on Augmented Reality

AR is the next best evolution in the field of mobile app development technology. Apps that come embedded with Augmented Reality can quickly flip the environment around for users by simply bringing the virtual objects live in the real world.

Based on AR technology, Pokemon Go was a massive success that revolutionized the industry and showed the world its true potential. And it’s not only limited to developing AR-based games but also can be applied to kitchen interiors & appliances to room decor, clothing, jewelry, and many other industries. Your app should be user-centric and be built keeping the future needs of users in mind.

6. Health and Fitness Apps

Health and fitness industry has recently started to get some traction. More people are trying to cut junk food out of their life and want to eat healthily to live a fit and active life. And an app can help do so by constantly sending notifications when to drink, eat, how much to exercise, etc.

You can offer simple food tips to easy-to-prepare meals, diet plans, and exercises that help users shed some kilos and live a healthier life. Offer multiple plans and diet options to users to choose the best one that suits their health scenario.

7. Online Learning App

Since the pandemic, education and learning programs have gone online. It has reshaped the entire education system where students feel the need for extra coaching or learning. What you can do is help find them the right online courses or a tutor that aids them to excel in their studies.

Your app will help many students and tutors to bring together on a platform while cutting down on the charges of a middle man. The best thing would be to allow students to select the best tutor based on their skills, experience, specialization, and per hour costing. You can charge a minimal service fee or share of the tuition fees of the registered tutors.

8. Auto Insurance App

Auto insurance apps provide users with great access and ease to get insurance for their cars and other automobile vehicles. With mobile apps, you can offer customers up-to-date and accurate information in a straightforward manner to help them make an informed decision.

For many, accessing car insurance policies from mobile apps is a convenient alternative than visiting a store or talking over the phone. Create a list of the most important features to offer to your users by researching and analyzing your competitors. Also, allow users to compare different plans from various providers to choose the best suitable one.

9. Video Streaming/Editing Apps

The digital world is governed by content creators who are particularly fond of video content. So, it makes sense to offer them a useful platform for streaming/editing video content. Most content creators use video streaming social networks such as YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

From sharing content to marketing products, social media users do a variety of creative things with video content. They are in dire need to make the content look more professional, engaging, and attention-grabbing. And your video streaming or editing apps will help users achieve their goals.

10. Digital Payment Apps

When it comes to payments, users need real-time, flexible payment solutions for interbank payment systems. Digital payment apps make life simpler by enabling users to pay on online platforms as well as nearby businesses and stores.

In order to be successful, the apps must offer a seamless experience, fast transfer speed, low failure rate, security, and efficiency to handle payment requests. You can incorporate numerous ways for users to send and receive payments, provided they are offered regular updates, notifications, and fund tracking capabilities.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most unique and monetizable app development ideas for startups to venture into. Does any idea catch your eye? No matter the idea, the success of an app lies in the expertise of your development/outsourcing team and the user experience it offers to end-users.

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