Top Mobile App Development Ideas You Should Adopt in 2023

Mobile apps have become a necessary part of our life. Let’s check some top mobile app development ideas you should adopt in 2023.

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Feb 26, 2022
mobile app development ideas in 2023

Mobile apps are, without a doubt, an integral part of our day-to-day life and are boldly paving their way into our community. The Pandemic has also fueled the mobile app development market for good. Businesses have many new opportunities to utilize to their advantage.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are starting to place more and more importance on mobile apps. They can assist in increasing efficiency, streamlining procedures, and giving clients an easy way to contact a business. A retailer might create a smartphone app that enables users to shop online, examine their order history, and track shipments, as an illustration. A healthcare organization may create a smartphone app that enables patients to contact their healthcare professionals, access their medical records, and book appointments.

Since the start of the Pandemic, the app development market has seen a drastic change. As per one report, mobile app spending had seen a 30% year-over-year growth in 2021 with total spending reaching above $170 billion worldwide.

So, do you want to take a piece of the pie for yourself? Are you a startup and want to develop an MVP or a full-fledged mobile app?

Here are some of the top app development ideas to adopt in 2023.

Top App Development Ideas Businesses Need to Adopt in 2023

I have already covered some of the best app development ideas for startups to excel in the digital space. Here, I am going to present some top ideas for startups to adopt in 2023. So, let’s get started.

1. FinTech Investment App

FinTech is a new-fangled version of delivering financial and investment services. FinTech apps allow users to better manage their investments and financial operations. Recently, the inclusion of Crypto trading has taken the FinTech industry to new heights.

As per one survey, FinTech app downloads in 2021 hit a new record of 5.9 billion. This app idea is great for businesses and startups who have great knowledge of the financial markets and share it with a huge network of investors. Developing such an app requires the hands and eyes of experts.

The ashutec team is well-versed in the intricacies to develop a FinTech app. Having developed a crypto trading platform for a Nasdaq-listed company, the ashutec team has the necessary skills and experience to develop a pixel-perfect app.

2. Food/Grocery Delivery App

The same report mentioned above also found food and drink apps reached 62 billion downloads, which is a 49% YOY growth. Yes, it’s not a new concept but since people need their food or groceries urgently some within a day and some want it within an hour or half.

Thus, starting a food or grocery delivery app that delivers in 15 or 30 min will be great and help you stand apart from the rest of the competitors. Developing a 15 or 30 min delivery is one of the top mobile app development ideas businesses can adopt in 2023.

You may have to collaborate with local restaurants and grocery chains and build an infrastructure to guarantee delivery in 15 or 30 min.

3. On-Demand Car Service or Cleaning App

Car is essential for day-to-day commutes and sustains a modern lifestyle. However, regular service and maintenance are a burden for many car owners and cab firms. This is where an on-demand car service or cleaning app comes into play.

You can offer car washing, cleaning, services, and many other repair and maintenance services to car owners. Ensure that your app offers a complete suite of car services and maintenance. For the same, you can partner up with multiple car service stations and commit your customers to offer quality car maintenance services.

4. VR-Based Travel App

The travel and tourism sector is one of the most affected sectors due to Covid-19. The pandemic-related travel restrictions put a pin on the fastest-growing tourism sector. However, launching a Virtual Reality travel app can be a great idea and you wouldn’t have to worry about any travel-related restrictions.

Through VR technology, you can expand your travel booking business. The concept is to take users on virtual travel in any corner of the world by just wearing a headset. Once the travel restrictions are lifted, you can introduce travel plans as well.

Also, you can allow users to first experience and see glimpses of the locations they are interested in before they actually travel to these locations.

5. Remote Patient Care & Online Pharmacy App

In the wake of the Pandemic, patients want to consult health experts remotely via an app or online platforms. So, developing an app for such a category of people is highly beneficial. You can partner with medical practitioners and healthcare clinics to offer remote patient care. And even you can go a step further and open an online pharmacy to deliver doctor-recommended medications.

Users can upload a valid prescription and after verification, the local pharmacy vendor can take up the order and deliver the medicines as per the requirements. Such an app allows patients to access health care effortlessly from remote locations. They can book a consultation slot by making an advanced payment to avail of the services.

6. Real Estate or Property Management Apps

The real estate industry is rapidly adopting the technology and transforming into a PropTech industry. This has allowed real estate agents and firms to offer a more streamlined process to their users when searching for their new homes.

They can even leverage advanced techs like AR and VR to offer virtual tours of the property and show videos before they visit. Your clients can check properties and take virtual tours through their mobile devices before coming to any conclusion to buy, rent, or lease the property.

Wrapping Up

Technology innovation has changed the landscape of mobile app development. As you can see, many of the above app development ideas involve utilizing the latest AR, VR, and other technologies. What I think is these technologies will take the center stage in the coming years and hold precedence for the mobile app development industry.

That said, I have presented some top mobile app development ideas businesses and startups alike should adopt in 2023 to build a profitable business. For the same, you may need a team of expert and experienced mobile developers.

Ashutec Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has a well-qualified team of expert and experienced mobile app developers. They offer impeccable software and product development services and help digital businesses to bring their ideas to life. Write to them at to discuss your app development requirements in detail.

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