How to Hire Angular Developers: All Details you Need to Know

Learn how to hire the best Angular developers for your web app projects by understanding key skills such as knowledge of TypeScript, Reactive programming, and core Angular functionality.

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Jan 27, 2023
Hire Angular Developer

Building extensive and incredibly fast desktop and mobile web apps requires the use of the popular front-end web development framework Angular. Millions of developers use Angular, a TypeScript-based open-source web framework created by Google. With more than two million downloads per week via npm, it is presently the second-most popular front-end framework. It is currently utilized by numerous websites, including YouTube, Upwork, PayPal, and Cloudflare. There is currently a tremendous need for Angular developers due to their popularity. 

Learn how to hire the best Angular developers for your web app projects by understanding key skills such as knowledge of TypeScript, Reactive programming, and core Angular functionality. Discover the importance of hiring developers who are proficient in the latest version of JavaScript, ES12.

What is Angular?

A web framework called Angular is used to build progressive web apps and single-page applications (SPAs) (PWAs). It's perfect for building enterprise-grade web apps because it's a full-featured platform with all the elements and resources needed to do it. As you must have read about the latest version of Angular.

So let us discuss how to hire an angular developer in 2023. 

Key skills in Angular Developers

Angular is a complex framework for web app development, it requires specific skills for development. These are some essential skills for an Angular developer. These are some key factors that one should consider before hiring an Angular developer.

A web development company may find it advantageous to hire an Angular developer in India or elsewhere because Angular is a well-liked and powerful framework for creating dynamic, responsive online apps. Angular developers are adept at leveraging this framework to produce interactive user interfaces of the highest caliber and effective, maintainable code. It's crucial to take into account an Angular developer's expertise, technical proficiency, and teamwork qualities when choosing one. Additionally, hiring an Angular developer who comprehends the client's desires and objectives can aid to guarantee that the finished product satisfies those expectations and generates repeat business.

JavaScript ES6

A new version of JavaScript called JavaScript ES12 or ECMAScript 2021 was released in 2021. Constants, arrow functions, classes, default parameters, template literals, module imports, and promises are just a few of the new features it adds to JavaScript.

Top browsers support many ES12 capabilities, which provide JavaScript with helpful tools for contemporary web development. Any web developer who writes JavaScript must be familiar with ES12 because it is gradually taking over as the industry standard. These are some advanced methods in ES12.

A new method called String.prototype.replaceAll can be used to replace every instance of a substring in a string.

New logical assignment operators (&&=, ||=, and??=) make it simpler to write concise code.

Using underscores as separators in huge numbers to make them simpler to read is known as a numeric separator.

Dynamic import refers to the capacity to load a module at runtime as opposed to during compilation.

A new function called Promises.any() lets you wait for the first fulfilled promise in a list of promises.

ECMAScript is developed by TC39 and updated every year, these updates usually include new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Hire an Angular developer that applies the method of JavaScript ES12 that helps you to build a responsive web application.

Understanding of the core function

In Angular development, directives, templates, and dependency injection are fundamental ideas. These ideas comprise the skeleton of the Angular framework and are fundamental ideas that any Angular developer has to know.

Understanding Angular Core Function

Angular templates are pieces of the user interface (UI) that change the DOM to render dynamic material on the UI. They are authored in HTML and Angular-specific syntax, such as directives. Classes called directives to give your elements behavior. The directives "ngIf," "ngFor," "ngClass," and "ngStyle" are frequently used. Hire an Angular developer that understands core functionality.

A design technique used to separate Angular projects is dependency injection. For those portions of the project that require them, it helps by establishing service and module dependencies while maintaining the module's independence. Hire an Angular developer that has an understanding of the core function. 


The Angular framework utilizes TypeScript, and every JavaScript code entered into an application is compiled. A superset of JavaScript, TypeScript compiles to standard JavaScript. This superset represents the Angular code.

A heavily typed superset of JavaScript is TypeScript. It offers more JavaScript features that make the development of web applications faster and less error-prone.

Due to the fact that TypeScript is the language used to create Angular apps, the ideal recruit must be familiar with it and its features. Interfaces, type-checking, namespaces, and modules are a few of these features. Additionally, TypeScript compiler proficiency is required by Angular developers in order to convert TypeScript files to JavaScript.

Many developers pick up Angular but lack a solid grasp of the fundamental ideas needed by JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, or CSS. Developers are likely to employ improper solutions if these foundations aren't there, which will increase a project's technical debt.

Knowledge of Reactive Programming

Reactive programming is frequently the most challenging aspect of an Angular application to comprehend. When beginning to program a piece of code, many individuals assume that it will be easier to understand and deal with if they approach it procedurally, much like the steps of a recipe.

The RxJS library, used by Angular, heavily utilizes reactive programming. Reactive programming is a skill that a professional Angular developer has to have in order to handle data updates in your web application.

Reactive programming requires responding to uncontrollable events, which may also occur in an unpredictable sequence. Even while we frequently respond in this manner—for instance, by braking when the car in front of us abruptly stops—many developers find it challenging to approach programming in a reactive manner. So you must hire such developers who can tackle any situation. 

Responsive Design 

The term "responsive design" describes the process of creating websites that appear excellent on mobile and desktop screens of all sizes.

Responsive Design

A skilled Angular developer is knowledgeable about responsive design and can create websites that look fantastic on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

The precise details of a given design are less significant than the candidate's design-making habits. Since all designs are transitory, the majority of applications just require documentation in the form of a photo of a whiteboard sketch, unless formal evidence is necessary. Later, the developer can produce the technical design from code (using the appropriate tools) to demonstrate how all the components relate to one another.

API integration

Angular developers typically need to interface with backend APIs because they are front-end developers. The ability to integrate APIs is therefore vital.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) offer a method for data interchange and communication across various software systems.

REST must be understood by developers, as well as how to interact with its common methods like GET, POST, PUT, UPDATE, and DELETE. Additionally, since SOAP and GraphQL are popular alternatives to RESTful APIs, it is advantageous for developers to be familiar with them.

Developers using Angular can connect their web apps to external services including databases, cloud services, and third-party APIs via integrating APIs. As a result, developers can access a variety of functionality and data without starting from scratch.

Automated Testing 

Any Angular web application should view automated testing as equally crucial to good code. One of the main reasons programmers create tests for their code is to document it: If a new developer joins the team, the business logic and specific UI flows should be obvious based on the test suite's expectations. Automated testing also finds errors early in the development process.

The "Angular Testing Library" from Angular is a potent testing framework that enables programmers to create unit tests for their components and services. This framework is based on the well-known testing library "Jest," which offers a robust and user-friendly testing environment.

When it comes to automated testing frameworks, Angular developers have options. Through Jest, Jasmine, or Karma, unit testing can be carried out. Jasmine and Karma should be known to every Angular developer. Jest is another popular alternative; it's typically faster and has more complex testing possibilities.

The default tool produced by the Angular CLI, Protractor, is the E2E testing standard for an Angular application. Cypress is a promising E2E testing framework that offers many possibilities as a substitute.

Hire an Angular developer that is familiar with at least one unit testing framework and one E2E testing framework in-depth.


Every web development project is unique, and the team working on it will value different things in an Angular developer's abilities and knowledge. A competent developer needs to be an excellent communicator in addition to having strong technical skills. Developers should keep their version control systems commits current and their backlog updated on time. Key stakeholders should find it simple to evaluate the developer's output and progress. Hire expert Angular developers in Ahmedabad and build an innovative web application.

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