Top Frontend Development Trends Enterprises to Embrace in 2022

Every year we see new top frontend trends come to life. Let’s see some of the trends that enterprises should embrace this year. Here are all details for you.

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Mar 27, 2022

The software development arena sees a fast-paced change all thanks to the never ending cycle of new trends. The industry is driven by the trends that come and go whenever a new year starts. This often puts developers under tremendous pressure to adopt these trends and leverage them for enterprise frontend development.

Just like 2021, this year we’ll also see many frontend development trends coming to life and ruling the software development industry. There’s already an avalanche of blogs out there with predictions on this very subject. However, here I’m presenting you with some of the top frontend development trends that enterprises should embrace in 2022.

So, let’s get started without further delay:

Top Frontend Development Trends Enterprises to Embrace in 2022

The predictions I’m going to make here are already happening and will likely be true for 2023 and many more years to come as well. Embracing these trends for your enterprise frontend development will help reap the maximum benefits. Now, let’s see what these trends are:

1. Serverless As A Solution

Companies are focusing more on the needs of the frontend community by coming up with tooling and features that make life easier. One way to achieve the same is by adopting the serverless approach. It significantly reduces workload from the backend processes.

For instance, by using serverless APIs, frontend developers do not need to rely much on the backend resources, which can increase the budget and time-to-market. For larger projects, backend resources are a must but for small projects, serverless architecture can really be helpful.

Also, companies are adopting JAMstack as we saw in the last year’s frontend development trends, going serverless for them means allocating as much work to the client side as possible.

2. React vs Angular Battle to Become More Widespread

I have talked many times about React and Angular’s rivalry before and stated why React is the most used frontend development framework while stating how Angular comes out on top. While I still stand by my words, the Facebook-headed framework is really giving Google-led Angular a run for its money.

The competition this year is going to be tough as the latest versions of both the frameworks are scheduled to release a few weeks or months apart from each other. The Angular 13 was already a steller by bringing the most awaited features that gave React some hard blows. However, React is not far behind in some sense as it is coming up with a lot of punch this year too.

The only thing that we have to wait for is how they compare to each other in 2022, which I’ll talk about some other time to let enterprises decide which one’s best for their frontend development project.

3. Headless CMSs Are Growing & Maturing

In last year’s frontend development trends, I have already talked about Headless & how it is going to be the way forward. Now, continuing the same trend, let me explain how Headless CMSs are growing & maturing. Headless projects like Contentful, Prismic, & Sanity have reached a certain level of stability, making them a viable option to consider.

The tooling in them is extremely easy which makes them highly performant. Similarly, frontend developers can achieve the same result for enterprise frontend development. Seeing this trend rise in popularity, many companies have already started to push headless CMS capabilities out of their platform.

There’s also a lot of money throwing into the headless CMS arena, which is why we’ll see Headless CMS grow & mature in 2022.

4. Process Optimization for Enterprise Web Development

One of the challenges that the enterprises face is maintaining a consistent style when delivering products along with promoting accessibility & functionality for users. Enterprises have an environment where independent teams work on different products. That’s where design systems come in to help establish consistent guidelines for enterprises.

Through design process optimization, enterprises can ensure that their products are developed & delivered with consistent guidelines. Such types of systems are already being utilized by companies for branding and marketing purposes. Due to the rise in the cloud services such as microservices, containers, and Kubernetes, it complicated enterprise web development.

However, many companies are building their engineering teams & platforms to further optimize their processes.

5. Motion-UI

Motion-UI is a bit drawn towards the creative side of enterprise frontend development. This is another great trend that’s going to be most utilized by many frontend development teams. Most companies that are focusing on the user experience side should also focus on the appearance of their frontend platforms.

Beautiful & visually appealing designs have become an effective marketing tool for most user-centric companies. That’s why design methods like Motion-UI will gain popularity in 2022. The trend was first picked up in 2018, however, it has now become available for all device users thanks to the technology revolution.

This trend uses digital products that are created with CSS shifts and custom animation integrations that are enabled by many standalone libraries and animated components. This will save time on digital product development along with saving expenses for product owners. Thus, motion UI is looking really promising in 2022 because it’s easy to use, responsive, flexible with JS, HTML, & CSS.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the trends that are going to rule in 2022 and many coming years too. This will change the landscape for enterprise frontend development and help companies reap the maximum benefits, enhance user engagement, stay on top of the rest of the competition. Choosing a reputable web development company will be one of the wise decisions enterprises could make to leverage these trends to their advantage.

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